Trap ( Wana) is the 3rd chapter of the Golden Kamuy manga.

Synopsis Edit

Saichi and Asirpa take a break while preparing traps to capture squirrels to feed themselves and sell their skins. Both talk about the possible places where the convicts tattooed with the Ainu gold map might be. Saichi and Asirpa go to Otaru

Sugimoto went to the bathroom, where he started an affair with a client about seeing some strange tattooed subjects, the old gentleman says he did not see it according to the description given. But he was surprised to see Saichi's body full of cicatriz, thanking him for helping to "get" Karafuto Island. Sugimoto responds to the accolades by saying that only the merchants are getting rich.

Then he saves Asirpa from the owner of the brothel, hitting his throat with his thumb, forcing him to answer his question regarding tattoos. The owner reveals that someone came before asking the same thing. Saichi conclude that someone had the same idea as them.

Saichi and Asirpa continue their investigation until they decide to leave the place, but are persecuted by a man. Asirpa sets a trap and they capture him, when they check him, they discover that he is another condemned to Abashiri.