Huci (フチ)  is the grandmother of Asirpa through her maternal line. She can only speak Ainu and her husband was the most important man in the village. Her husband passed away 6 years before the beginning of the story.

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Huci is seen harvesting plants during "women's season" with her granddaughter and Tanigaki helping out. Later, once the food has been prepared and everyone as well as Makanakkuru are at home eating the supper, Huci is shown smiling happily as they enjoy it. Some days later, Huci is sitting around fire with her son, granddaughter, and Tanigaki. She listens on silently as Makanakkuru asks Tanigaki what he will do now that his leg has healed. The next day, a fortune-teller named Inkarmat has arrived at their kotan, asking for a girl with blue eyes. In her hut, with Makanakkuru translating, she finds out that Asirpa might be in terrible danger as one of her companions will betray her. As she hears this, she just remains silent with a concerned look on her face.

When Tanigaki makes his resolve to leave the kotan to find Asirpa, she said a message of protection to him and bade him farewell, as he heads out with Inkarmat.