Kazuo Henmi (辺見和雄, Henmi Kazuo) was a serial killer and one of the Abashiri Convicts.

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He says that he ''wants to die like his little brother'', brutally murdered.

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When he was young, he saw his younger brother getting eaten alive by a boar, in the bamboo groove behind their house.

While in Abashiri Prison, Henmi became cellmates with Tetsuzou Nihei and Yoshitake Shiraishi. He listens to Shiraishi asking Nihei if he's heard of Sister Miyazawa which he denies. As Shiraishi pulls out the picture of the sister and stares at it, Henmi creeps up on him and mistakenly thinks that he is fantasizing about his own execution and that he completely understands. One day, as the three along with Gotou were being escorted by a guard on a walk through the prison grounds, Shiraishi spots Sister Miyazawa and begins to chase after her. When the guard tries to stop him, Henmi tackles him, much to Shiraishi's appreciation.

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He had a duel with Sugimoto, but it got interrupted by a Repun Kamuy, a killer whale.

He died by drowning.

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Henmi likes strawberries but dislikes spicy food as it gives him terrible indigestion.