Komiya (小宮, Komiya) is a member of the 7th Division and a traitor to First Lieutenant Tsurumi's cause.

Appearance Edit

Komiya's most distinctive feature is his bulbous nose. Other than that, he wears the standard Japanese military uniform and hat, and is armed with a rifle as well.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Komiya's personality as he appeared for a very brief moment, but he is not loyal to Tsurumi and his group. When he is exposed as a traitor by Kouhei Nikaidou, he panicked easily and tried to deny his words.

Plot Edit

Komiya accompanied Tsurumi and several other members of the 7th Division to a forest nearby an Ainu kotan in order to apprehend Hyakunosuke Ogata and Nikaidou. While Ogata was able to escape through an exchange of gunfire, they managed to capture Nikaidou. Komiya watch as Tsurumi interrogated and tortured Nikaidou, demanding to know who the other traitors are. When Tsurumi gives him the opportunity to kill Sugimoto, taking this as a chance to avenge his fallen twin brother, Nikaidou without hesitation, mentioned Komiya's name. As Komiya panicked and tried to deny it, the other 7th Division soldiers grabs him as Tsurumi gleefully says that he knew there was another traitor as he twirled his mini-knife.

Komiya's fate afterwards is unknown.