Thomas (トーマス, Tōmasu) is a British arms dealer that sells weapons to the 7th Division.

Appearance Edit

Thomas is a middle-aged man with light eyes and dark hair swept to the side as well as a mutton chop beard. He dons a dark scarf and a trench coat over a black suit.

Personality Edit

Thomas appears to be a strict by the books business person as the quality of his products depends on his customer's funds. He believes that nothing is more profitable than war, as he is able to make a large sum of money by buying and selling arms from various countries to the others.

Plot Edit

Having arrived in Japan, Thomas meets First Lieutenant Tsurumi and Sergeant Tsukishima to sell some arms to them. When Tsukishima comments on the quality of his weapons, Thomas simply says that good guns need good money, and that they should be satisfied with what they got based on their current funds. He then goes on to say that he just purchases arms from various countries and sells them to others, and that in Europe war could break out at any moment's notices. Since Britain and Japan are allies, he'd be glad to support the 7th Division's cause as Japan makes superb quality arms, and suggests that Tsurumi makes haste in finding the gold so that he can use it to create a weapons factory, which he can buy and sell them all over the world.