Yamamoto (山本, Yamamoto) is a barber in Barato.

Appearance Edit

Yamamoto has a shaved head with sideburns, thick eyebrows, a pronounced nose, and crow's feet. He wears a surgeon's mask, as well as a light button up shirt and dark pants.

Personality Edit

Yamamoto appears to be a perceptive person as he was able to easily tell whether a person is Ainu or not.

Plot Edit

While standing at the doors to his shop, Yamamoto sees Genjirou Tanigaki and calls out to him, asking him why he is pretending to be an Ainu wearing their clothings. Tanigaki and Inkarmat comes into his shop and explains that they are looking for an Ainu child traveling with three men. He says he hasn't seen anyone like that then points out a kid hiding behind the window, asking if that was the kid.